UNNGO PeaceeverTV Edit Reprinted report from UN News: 13 NOVEMBER 2021, GLASGOW, UNITED KINGDOM :Representatives of 197 Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) pledged Saturday to double down on emissions reduction targets and double up on climate financing for adaptation to the crisis.

This followed two weeks of negotiations at the United Nations climate change conference (COP26) in Glasgow.

UK COP26 President Alok Sharma tearfully announced that history had been made in Glasgow, declaring “We must now ensure that the next chapter charts the success of the commitments we have solemnly made together in the Glasgow Climate Pact.”
The final agreed text commits the 197 parties to the Paris agreement to “phase down” coal power and “phase out” inefficient fossil fuel subsidies.

UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa acknowledged “Negotiations are never easy…this is the nature of consensus and multilateralism” but stated that they had achieved “a balanced package of decisions and actions.” 


 Alok Sharma, COP26 UK President:

"I think today we can say with credibility that we have kept 1.5 degrees within reach. But its pulse is weak. And it will only survive if we keep our promises. If we translate commitments into rapid action and if we deliver on the expectations set out in this Glasgow Climate Pact to increase ambition to 2030 and beyond. And if we close the vast gap that remains as we must. Because as Prime Minister Mia Mottley told us at the start of this conference, for Barbados and other Small Island States she said ‘two degrees is a death sentence.’”
Alok Sharma, COP26 UK President:
“History has been made here in Glasgow. And what we now need to ensure is that the next chapter charts the success of the commitments we have solemnly made together in the Glasgow Climate Pact. Thank you.”
  Patricia Espinosa, UNFCCC Executive Secretary:

“As we know- and as we have experienced it in our process- negotiations are never easy. And while we seek an outcome that is acceptable to all, few return home completely satisfied. But this is the nature of consensus and inclusive multilateralism.”
“Two weeks ago, I said in my opening remarks that success at COP26 was possible. I said it would be defined not by one or two big announcements, but whether we achieved a balanced package of decisions and actions.”

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